you might be asking yourself...

Why Should I Go Solar?

...and here are a few reasons.

Save the Planet!

On average, each U.S. household causes the release of 6.68 metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere by purchasing their electricity from their local utility company.


Utility companies purchase their energy from the cheapest sources around, mainly coal. Their backup electricity production during variable load times is often natural gas - further polluting the environment.

By planting a single tree, an individual can sequester 0.039 metric tons of CO2 over the tree's lifespan.

Installing enough solar panels on your roof to stop paying coal burning power plants for your electricity needs is equivalent to planting 171 trees each year for the life of your solar panels - 20 - 25 years ~ 3,420 - 4,275 trees!

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Protect Your Wealth

The nature of a "limited" resource is that the availability and abundance of that resource is simply "limited".

Module and installation costs are at an all-time low. With current incentives and leasing opportunities, you can instantly start saving on your electric bill and lock in electricity prices for the next couple decades - insulating yourself from increasing costs of fossil fuel generated electricity.

Currently Federal Rebates are at 30%, local and utility rebates can vary depending on the city where you reside. In order to find out exactly what "Going Solar" will cost and your options (such as leasing), contact local installers.

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Help Stabilize Our Country

It's an unfortunate truth, we live in a country where energy is controlled by a few powerful individuals. When oil supplies are jeopardized or world events are causing political instability, prices of oil go up and profits soar for oil companies.

oil prices

In addition, lobbying efforts of oil, coal and natural gas companies have resulted in incredible tax breaks for the most profitable fossil fuel companies.

oil tax breaks

"Going Solar" is our way of slowly balancing the power and start to chip away at the absurd profits and power of the oil, natural gas and coal companies.

When fossil fuels are the minority source of our energy consumption, the whole country benefits. Benefits such as less motivation for the U.S. to enter into oil-based wars.

The dollars we spend for our energy will be dispersed among many more companies across the country involved in solar module installation, manufacturing, technology development, and leasing as a stable form of business for banks.