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Colorado Solar is a popular name in the roofing industry. With a decade of experience, we have made sure to render good quality services to our clients by meeting their expectations in every aspect.

  • Our residential roofing team is one of the best which never misses to give its day in and day out.

  • When it comes to commercial roofing we are definitely best in the industry because we have experienced professionals who can get things done easily.

  • It is high time that you indulge in nature and eco-friendly methods. One of the easiest ways to do it is by installing solar roofing tiles.

  • If solar roofs are installed in commercial buildings it can contribute a lot by producing a lot of power which will have a significant impact.

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    If you want to get the best roofing services, Colorado solar is the ideal choice for you. They are very dedicated and can give you the best services.

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Ideas for designing a house with a solar panel

Solar panel in house

While a lot of do count on solar panels for a variety of our needs, the fact that we don’t really like the look of them just cannot be done away with! Most people find these panels to be eye-sores, which ruin the overall architecture of their otherwise impeccable homes. But instead of just turning away from the option entirely, why not look out for ways to effortlessly seam these solar panels in the architecture of your home – because hey, we all know the magnitude of benefits these panels come with! So here are a few ideas which would help you integrate these panels without ruining the overall look of your home:

While a lot of do count on solar panels for a variety of our needs, the fact that we don't really like the look of them just cannot be done away with!

Mounted panels
The best way to evade those erected panels is to mount them onto your roof! They won’t even be visible unless and until someone looks through them really carefully. And if you wish to camouflage them, you could even make sure the color combination of your home goes with the solar panels! There are four types of photovoltaic solar panels – you can choose whichever you want to and imbibe it into the plan of your home without making the panels too obvious to the eye. All these panels vary in price and also power generation, so you are free to choose what suits your needs.

Photovoltaic slates
The photovoltaic slates are the best alternatives to using when you want to install solar panels on your existing roof. These go well with existing roofs, and the best part about them is that they have a near similar look to natural slate! Perfect for the look of your home and a great solution to your needs!

Fixing Solar Panel

Solar shingles
How about building your roof with solar shingles instead of asphalt shingles or any other material to build up your roof? Not only will you get the benefits of solar panels, but you’ll also have a nice shiny roof! One drawback of these panels is that they aren’t really efficient as the mounted panels – but something is always better than nothing! So you can go ahead with these shingles if you want to design your home panel-free.

Solar canopies
These aren’t for your full-fledged roof – but they are best for patios and other open spaces which you wish to cover with a roof. Build a metal or wooden frame an place your panels on them! A simple solution for a great look as well as to meet your energy requirements!


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