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By installing solar panels in Aspen, you're saving money, keeping your energy producing dollars in the community and reducing pollution.

Whether or not you decide to go "Solar", we encourage you to educate yourself and explore what decisions are being made politically in Aspen, CO by exploring the City of Aspen's website.

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"Going Solar" in Aspen?

Installing solar panels in Aspen

Aspen is a world-renowned ski destination – famous for its stunning vistas and amazing slopes. However, today the mountain town is becoming just as well known for its progressive attitude toward renewable energy use and environmental stewardship.

In 2008, the city installed a 92 kW solar electric PV system that has so far generated more than 314,000 kWh of electricity – enough to power 27 homes for a year. Additionally, the town’s municipal utility is set to offer 100% renewable electricity by 2015.

The city of Aspen leads the region’s green movement. Solar panel installers in Aspen can get you started on the path to sustainability, helping you preserve Aspen’s natural beauty for generations to come.

Why go solar in Aspen?
Preserve the Aspen ski slopes

The Aspen Skiing Company has the only green building policy in the snowsports industry, showing tremendous leadership in the solar movement. The company has installed one of the largest PV solar systems in the industry at 147 kW.

Their commitment reflects an accepted reality that climate change could severely impact the global ski industry in the future – and that includes the city of Aspen’s main economic output.

As fossil fuels burn and create electricity, they release carbon emissions into the atmosphere that contribute to global warming. Over time, this warming effect could take a serious toll on Colorado, reducing snowpack and impacting the ski industry as a whole.

Installing solar panels on your home or business helps reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and can prevent this bleak future from taking place.

Access local incentives to go solar

If you live in Aspen, you can earn a rebate for going solar from the Community Office of Resource Efficiency (CORE). For installing solar on your home or business, you can earn a rebate of $.50 per annual kWh of solar energy production for a maximum of $3,000.

With the addition of a 30% federal tax credit, you can save a significant amount on solar installation costs. Contact solar installers in Aspen today to learn more, or if you have questions about going solar, ask professionals in our Q&A section.

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