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By installing solar panels in Castle Rock, you're saving money, keeping your energy producing dollars in the community and reducing pollution.

Whether or not you decide to go "Solar", we encourage you to educate yourself and explore what decisions are being made politically in Castle Rock, CO by exploring the City of Castle Rock's website.

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"Going Solar" in Castle Rock?

Installing solar panels in Castle Rock

Solar energy offers consumers an alternative to the limitations of fossil fuel use. Eventually, energy sources like natural gas will disappear, raising utility costs as demand increases.

If you live in Castle Rock, you have the ability to shield yourself from these increases by switching to solar energy. By installing solar panels on your home or business, you guarantee yourself pre-determined electricity prices for decades to come.

Solar energy is becoming cheaper over time. In fact, local, state, and financial incentives are making it more affordable than it ever has been in the past. By going solar, you’ll avoid huge spikes in electricity costs while producing clean, renewable energy from a limitless source.

Why go solar in Castle Rock?
Access local incentives

As a resident of Castle Rock, you more than likely purchase electricity from the Intermountain Renewable Energy Association (IREA). Unfortunately, IREA doesn’t offer financial incentives for going solar at this time, but that could change.

Recent legislation in Colorado is increasing renewable energy standards for organizations like IREA. Currently, IREA is only required to provide 10% of their electricity from renewable sources, but this is set to increase to 20% by 2020.

To spur more consumers to access renewable energy, it’s possible that that IREA will offer similar incentives as Xcel Energy, which provides solar rebates to customers who install panels. Such programs have proven hugely beneficial for Xcel, and may prompt other utilities to follow suit.

Advocate for increased solar support

As more of Castle Rock’s residents go solar, demand at the local and state level will increase for expanded incentives and friendlier policies. These policies are needed to create a level playing field in the energy market, helping solar compete with sources, such as gas and oil, which already receive benefits.

If you’re interested in helping to promote solar energy’s growth in Castle Rock, contact solar installers in your area. Even without local rebates, you’ll be able to work with your installer to bring down prices to an affordable level.

Explore installers in Castle Rock, and be sure to leave feedback in order to help others like you choose the best installer for their needs.

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