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By installing solar panels in Florence, you're saving money, keeping your energy producing dollars in the community and reducing pollution.

Whether or not you decide to go "Solar", we encourage you to educate yourself and explore what decisions are being made politically in Florence, CO by exploring the City of Florence's website.

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"Going Solar" in Florence?

Installing solar panels in Florence

Florence residents are increasing turning to solar panels to power their homes and businesses, taking advantage of lowered costs and financial incentives.

Solar represents a way forward for America, past our reliance on fossil fuels that too often are purchased from hostile governments. As more people across the country go solar, we’ll be able to generate independent, renewable energy for years to come.

By installing solar panels in your Florence home or business, you can lead the charge toward solar in the region. Solar modules prices have dropped by almost 80% since 2008, making now a better time than in the past to go solar.

Why go solar in Florence?
Access local incentives

Living in Florence, you most likely purchase electricity from one of the areas rural electric coops. Recently, Colorado upped the renewable energy requirement for coops, which might spur some to offer solar incentives.

Aside from local incentives, you can claim a 30% tax credit from the federal government for going solar.

Drive the new energy economy forward

The solar industry already employs over 3,600 Coloradans, with that number growing by each year. A thriving solar industry means several things: 1) jobs that stick around and 2) better technologies that drive costs down.

As more people go solar, the money they spend in the solar sector will be invested into better, more efficient solar technologies. By installing solar panels on your home or business in Florence, you help contribute to this emerging field and position the industry toward future successes.

If you’re interested in going solar in Florence, contact nearby solar installers. If you have further questions about solar, you can ask solar professionals in our Q&A section to learn more.

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