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By installing solar panels in Lafayette, you're saving money, keeping your energy producing dollars in the community and reducing pollution.

Whether or not you decide to go "Solar", we encourage you to educate yourself and explore what decisions are being made politically in Lafayette, CO by exploring the City of Lafayette's website.

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"Going Solar" in Lafayette?

Installing solar panels in Lafayette

Since 2008, Lafayette has looked to identify and implement strategies to reduce the city’s contribution to greenhouse gases.

Those strategies have paid off. Lafayette has installed over 500 kW of solar arrays on government facilities, allowing for $116,000 in annual energy savings. Such positive outcomes have prompted more of Lafayette’s residents to make the switch to solar themselves.

By installing solar panels on your home or business, you can generate clean, affordable electricity for years to come. With financial incentives at the local and federal level, going solar has never been a more economically sound decision.

Why go solar in Lafayette?
Access local incentives

Xcel Energy customers can enter into the utility’s Solar*Rewards Program if they install solar panels. The Solar*Rewards Program is a step-based rebate system, awarding varying levels of payment depending on when you sign up. Each level has a maximum limit, meaning those who enter into the program first will receive better rebates.

To discover which step the program is currently at, and your potential rebate, visit Xcel’s website and click “Current REC Prices and MW Confirmed.”

Insulate yourself from rising energy costs

Costs of electricity are set to rise in the future, thanks in part to Colorado’s current reliance on natural gas. Natural gas is historically volatile as a commodity, and the price can rise and fall rapidly.

By going solar, you ensure that your electric bills won’t suddenly skyrocket one day. That’s because solar is a stable commodity, and free for you to generate. If you’re interested in going solar in Lafayette, contact solar installers located nearby. If you want to learn more about solar energy, visit our Q&A section to read advice from solar professionals.

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