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By installing solar panels in Timnath, you're saving money, keeping your energy producing dollars in the community and reducing pollution.

Whether or not you decide to go "Solar", we encourage you to educate yourself and explore what decisions are being made politically in Timnath, CO by exploring the City of Timnath's website.

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"Going Solar" in Timnath?

Installing solar panels in Timnath

The agricultural community of Timnath has long relied on farming and ranching to sustain itself. Unfortunately, Colorado’s recent fracking boom has forced many farmers and ranchers in northern Colorado into battles over water with gas companies.

Fracking requires a mixture of water and chemicals to unearth natural gas in the region. A single fracking well uses up to four million gallons of water that becomes useless after it’s injected into the ground.

Water troubles in Timnath are worsened by droughts that seem to stretch on longer each year. Over time, the agricultural community that has inhabited Timnath for years will need to aggressively fight natural gas companies who will leave the area once the wells run dry.

By installing solar panels on your Timnath residence or business, you can reduce your overall reliance on fossil fuels like natural gas, decreasing demand in the region. If more people across the country made that switch, we could save Colorado’s precious water resources.

Why go solar in Timnath?
Access local incentives

If you purchase electricity from the Poudre Valley REA, you can access a rebate for going solar that will significantly cut your costs.

The Poudre Valley REA offers a rebate worth $1.50 per watt of installed capacity, up to $4,500. Additionally, you can claim a 30% tax credit on the cost of your system from the federal government, further reducing costs.

Fight for water rights in Timnath

Water in Colorado is already a limited resource, and wasting that on fracking when households and farmers need it is unsustainable. By going solar in Timnath, you can join a growing movement to reduce the need for fracking and protecting Colorado’s water supplies.

If you’re interested in learning more about going solar in Timnath, contact solar installers located nearby. If you have other concerns before going solar, you can also visit our Q&A section to speak with solar professionals.

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