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El Paso Green Energies
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Why choose El Paso Green Energies?

El Paso Green Energies, LLC is committed to making solar installations as affordable as possible by providing the lowest cost installations with high quality equipment and service.

One of the great attributes of EPGE is our relationships with our customers. We have a great relationship with our clients, all of whom are willing to be a reference for us. We believe everyone of our customers will tell you that we will never nickel and dime you. Whatever we quote, we deliver. If we make a mistake and it increases the cost, we eat that cost. This is something we take great pride in; our integrity and your belief in our ability to deliver. Additionally, our customers will tell you that we are available to you 24 hours a day. We want our customers to be 100% confident in their solar system and that can only happen if the team that installed the system stands by their system.

See our many reviews on sites such as Yelp, Angie's List, Solar Reviews, Quildquality and more.

We have North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners Certified photovoltaic Installers and Sales Technician. This means we have taken the highest quality training and passed the certification tests. We are also required to attend Continuing Education to keep our certifications. Visit www.nabcep.org to learn more about this solar governing organization.

El Paso Green Energies LLC is a license contractor in the county of El Paso. Visit www.pprbd.org for more information on Solar Contractor Licensing. Lisense # 19157.

El Paso Green Energies's Product Information:
Our solar panel technology: Mono Crystalline
Our solar panel manufacturer: Solarworld
Our installed solar panels are under Warranty for 30 years
We provide Free Quotes and Free Consultations.

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"Words of Solar Wisdom"

Customer sentiments about the solar industry after the experience of having their own solar energy systems installed.

Breaking free from fossil fuels is a long, uphill battle. Educating yourself and others about the solar industry is how change is made.

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