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Why choose Triton Solar CO?

Both owners of Triton Roofing and Solar have solar on their homes. It is a clean, efficient, and sustainable form of energy. By going solar, you're helping to conserve our planet's resources. You reduce your carbon footprint and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Solar saves you money. You can take advantage of all applicable incentives and rebates available to homeowners who have installed solar. Solar gives you independence. The moment your solar system is turned on, you'll be generating your own power.  "Respect the Roof".  It is very important that your solar system is installed properly to ensure that it does not damage or compromise your roofing system.

Triton Solar CO's Product Information:
Our solar panel technology: Mono Crystalline
Our solar panel manufacturer: Solar World
Our installed solar panels are under Warranty for 25 years
We provide Free Quotes and Free Consultations.

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"Words of Solar Wisdom"

Customer sentiments about the solar industry after the experience of having their own solar energy systems installed.

Breaking free from fossil fuels is a long, uphill battle. Educating yourself and others about the solar industry is how change is made.

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